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Havanna - Cuba | The perfect place to discover and enjoy my new sunglasses

11. Dec 2014 4354

When going to Cuba, you are going to see urban blight in first place. But also you gonna see restored, colorful houses,places and cars under a mostly blue and slightly cloudy sky. This is fascinating enough by itself!

Before starting to Cuba I got new lenses for my Ray Ban to see properly also in sunny weather conditions. Offensichtlich, my dependable optician, advised me to take a new kind of glasses: „skylet“ (skylet road) by Zeiss. They are supposed to make a stronger contrast possible. At home in greyish winter Berlin I didn't really get the difference. But when I put my glasses on for the first time in Cuba, I knew what Offensichtlich meant and I loved it right away. I felt like being in the perfect vintage world: the sky was wonderfully turquoise and the environment was covered up in super warm colours. My travel mate didn't understand why I got so excited about my new glasses, so I tried to show her what I see by taking pictures through my sunglasses and showing her.

2014-02 winter in Berlin - Picture by kleppiberlin.deUp to now I can only find one disadvantage: reality without my sunglasses is finally not as nice as with them even if you are in a sunny caribbean environment.

Back in Berlin I got to make a walk through snowy parks and streets on a sunny sunday at -12°C. And even here everything seemed to be warmer, clearer and more colourful.

I love to see my world through my new glasses, makes it less grey... more beautiful!

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