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18. Mar 2022 2291

On February 24, 2022, the Russian attack on Ukraine began and has since determined daily events and people around the world.

A lot has happened since then. On the political side, there are numerous sanctions and embargoes and among the population, people are organizing to demonstrate, like here in Berlin in front of the Russian Embassy, on Alexanderplatz, in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and on the Straße des 17. Juni. Humanitarian aid has also been launched on a grand scale. For example, through charitable associations such as the Round Table, Ladies Circle, Old Table. They have joined forces to collect donations and aid and are now transporting them directly to the people in Ukraine via the organizers of the "Christmas parcel convoys".

The war is now in its fourth week and more and more people from Ukraine are arriving in Berlin as they flee. Hundreds of helpers are providing first aid, food and shelter at Berlin's central station for the refugees, who have usually only been able to take the bare necessities with them on their flight.

Great solidarity in the optical industry

Our industry is also getting involved. Numerous companies in the optical industry have spontaneously started many small and large actions to help the refugees on site, as well as here. For example, eyeglass frames are being organized, mobile workshops and production facilities are being set up, and donations are being collected in order to be able to make eyeglasses for the refugees directly in Poland.



In its press release on May 17 2022 Zeiss Vision Germany announced that the current aid campaign will end on June 1, 2022. Reason for the change is the new aid and social benefits for refugees from Ukraine in need according to the Social Code, which will apply from June 1.

Since the launch of "Eye Care Support for Ukrainian refugees" in February 2022, ZEISS, together with its partner opticians, has been able to help more than 80,000 people who had to flee the war in Ukraine with basic optical care. For all participating opticians and ZEISS, this was a great success and a strong sign of solidarity.

Zeiss will of course continue to help, albeit in a different way. Here is the excerpt from their press release:

ZEISS will continue to help people suffering from the war and its consequences in Ukraine or on the run with work and training opportunities, with accommodation and financial support and more. Zeiss Vision Germany

os-2022-03-18-zeiss-augenoptik-ukraine-3x2900Offensichtlich "We care"

We are all moved by a deep compassion for the suffering of the people. With the goal of directly helping the refugees, who had to leave almost everything behind, Zeiss has started a cross-border program with its partner opticians to provide free eyeglasses.

We are aware that this support can mean significant investment of time and money for all participating businesses and for ZEISS Vision Care
Christoph Hinnenberg said.

At ZEISS, we want to help and are convinced that numerous of our customers will be just as willing to help alleviate some of the suffering of war refugees.

ZEISS Vision Care supports similar campaigns in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

We at Offensichtlich - Ihrem Augenoptiker are very happy to actively support the Zeiss campaign and hope to be able to help make the world a little better.

All information for those affected can also be found in English on our specially set up "Offensichtlich helps" page.

On the Zeiss webpage, specially set up for the campaign, you will find opticians throughout Germany who are also participating and helping. >> Zeiss Vision Care campaign site <<

ZEISS Vision Care and the partner opticians help | Offensichtlich - Your optician Berlin
A lot to do in our show workshop | Offensichtlich - Your optician Berlin
A little thank you ¨ with love from Ukraine ❣ ¨

1Conditions of participation:

Free eyeglasses are available exclusively to war refugees from Ukraine at participating opticians. Proof is provided in participating opticians' stores by means of identification with passport or other suitable documents. One pair of glasses with individually fitted lenses will be given per person.

Special glasses for sports, driving, office, magnifying glasses and self-tinting lenses are excluded. Eye test, lens determination and fitting of the glasses will be covered by the participating optician. The frames are selected by the participating optician. There is no entitlement to a specific frame. The usual warranty conditions for exchange, repair and replacement apply. Payment of the offer is excluded.

The promotion runs until September 30, 2022 June 1, 2022 (have a look at the Update) and can be extended by Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH and participating opticians.


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