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Our update on the Corona situation for the fall and winter of 2021
15. Nov
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For a long time, we hoped that we could put the topic of coronavirus on file this year, but unfortunately it is more present than ever these days.As a reaction to the very high Corona case numbers and according to the 3rd SARS-CoV-2 infection control measures regulation, the 2G regulation (vaccinated or recovered) applies to us since 15.11.2021. This means that we will only take measurements and give advice if…
Offensichtlich takes all protective measures for you, also with our new face masks
14. May
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As life slowly returns to the city and more and more shops, museums and other cultural institutions reopen, certain rules of hygiene now apply in all public places. The most important thing first: We are still there for you during our normal opening hours Mo-Fri 10.00-19.00 and Sa 10.00 to 14.00. Since Corona started, we kindly ask you to make an appointment for eye examinations, the purchase of glasses and…
CORONA Virus - Your Offensichtlich Team is well prepared
23. Mar
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Dear customers, we are still there for you even after the announcement of the new stricter requirements by the government on 22 March. Therefore, starting in Monday 23 March, we will only allow individual customers to enter our shop. Since we do not want to have anyone waiting outside, please announce your visit with us.  We also will reduce the number of eye examinations and supplies to cases with a…
CORONA Virus - Your Offensichtlich Team is well prepared
13. Mar
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The Corona virus controls city life, but not your Offensichtlich-team. Hygiene has always been a very important topic in the field of ophthalmic optics and therefore we are well prepared. Already during the H1N1: swine flu in 2009/2010 we took precautions to protect our customers and ourselves. Thus, all equipment is regularly cleaned and disinfected by us as usual. The same applies to all frames displayed in our shop. We…