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Das sagen unsere Kunden über Offensichtlich
31. Jul
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Schreiben Sie eine Rezension oder lesen Sie was andere Kunden denken. Sagen Sie uns was Sie toll fanden. Denn Ihre Meinung ist uns wichtig!
Die Meinungen unserer Kunden sind uns sehr wichtig
9. Jul
Read 2488 times
It was a nice discovery! When you're looking for a pair of glasses you can find them in many places, but finding a pair of glasses & a fair price & a great service... on top of that + a very nice shop... it is worth recommending. You get this in this place, you just have to go there and see it by yourself.Thanks for my sun glasses... I like…
Die Meinungen unserer Kunden sind uns sehr wichtig
21. Aug
Read 2210 times
Friendly staff, I liked it there. Unfortunately I could not find sunglasses I fancied, but I must say I am quite picky ;)
Die Meinungen unserer Kunden sind uns sehr wichtig | Google Plus
5. Dec
Read 2192 times
Thanks! I visited Berlin just for three days during my trip across Germany and on the first evening I broke my glasses. One guy in my hostel told me to go to Offensichtlich and ask for help. They were very kind and friendly and explained the opportunities - complete new glasses including lenses until the next day or fitting in my old lenses into a new frame.  I know that…
Die Meinungen unserer Kunden sind uns sehr wichtig | Google Plus
24. Jun
Read 2299 times
Offensichtlich offers the highest quality service around. The staff are wonderful, highly qualified, and I'm amazed at how much time and personal attention they offer each individual every step of the way - great to know that you can still find such quality service these days! The products are of the highest standard - I especially love their fine Götti collection from which I selected a pair of beautiful blue…