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Vorschau Kundenmeinungen

✰✰✰✰✰ from Jose de A. (Brazil) | Google

5. Dec 2013 2614

Thanks! I visited Berlin just for three days during my trip across Germany and on the first evening I broke my glasses.

One guy in my hostel told me to go to Offensichtlich and ask for help. They were very kind and friendly and explained the opportunities - complete new glasses including lenses until the next day or fitting in my old lenses into a new frame.  I know that the first choice would have been the smarter one, because after they tested my eyes I noticed that they have become worse. But this trip was expensive enough until this accident, so I just choose a new frame. Now I have an original handmade Berlin frame as souvenir from my trip to Germany! Best thing was they just needed one hour to make my new glasses. In between I enjoyed the sun and an iced latte at the Gendarmenmarket. Perfect!

Thank you guys & the next time in B. I´ll take a look for new sunglasses!


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