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200 Jahre Carl Zeiss
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Robert from Diveaholics with his new N’Authentic from Whiteout & Glare Berlin
24. Aug
Read 3361 times
As a PADI diving professional and the owner of a diving and water sports center, my job is to conduct PADI diving courses, organize trips to the most beautiful beaches across the globe and ensure that my guests are not only having a great time but a safe time, too.  A large part of these activities take place in the summer and this, of course, necessitates effectively protecting the eyes…
Cool clear view in Havanna Cuba
11. Dec
Read 2798 times
When going to Cuba, you are going to see urban blight in first place. But also you gonna see restored, colorful houses,places and cars under a mostly blue and slightly cloudy sky. This is fascinating enough by itself! Before starting to Cuba I got new lenses for my Ray Ban to see properly also in sunny weather conditions. Offensichtlich, my dependable optician, advised me to take a new kind of…